A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) are slightly different versions of the same thing. There are many different terms that are used for these job specific Risk Assessment forms.

If there is any difference at all it is in the level of detail recorded against each hazard identified for each step in the performance of a specific Job.

In effect then a SWMS is a more detailed version of a JSA in as much as it describes the control measures to be used, the persons responible, and the level of risk after implementation of the control measures.

SWMS are required under WHS Act 2011 for all High Risk work. In safTdox we follow recommendations of various Australian Regulators and will use one form which satisfies both JSA and SWMS. This form will be referred to as a JSA/SWMS.

You may also find that there are different names used for Job Safety Analyses including Job Safety and Environment Analysis (JSEA). It is widely accepted that there is nothing different between a JSA and a JSEA because the Environmental hazards must necessarily be considered in a JSA anyway.

You may have heard of the “Take 5” form. The five steps in a “Take 5” are Stop, Think, Identify, Plan, and Proceed. A “Take 5” is a personal JSA (risk assessment) in a checklist format so that the worker can personally assess the safety of a job before they begin.

Any completed JSA can be turned into a “Take 5” style checklist by simply adding a column of checkboxes to the right of each item in the JSA.