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You can view saftdox from two perspectives, admin and general, by choosing the login that you use. 

Admin users have access to the SAFTDOX ADMIN area and can manage files, while General users can only view and download the files.

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username:  demoadmin

If you have any problems please contact SAFTDOX admin.

Order a SAFTDOX system for your business.

Comes complete with a FREE starter pack of compliance documents to use or replace with your own policy documents.


Your business name here (Business Abbreviation) is committed to safety and adheres to best practices as regulated by Work Health and Safety Queensland.

The SAFTDOX portal is available to staff and stakeholders.  The policy documents available from this portal are controlled and apply to all staff, visitors, contractors, and suppliers.

You will be able to access all of the policy documents by logging in with the login details provided to you.  It is expected that staff will be familiar with and use these documents in the course of their work.

If you have not received the login details and believe that you should have access please contact admin@madsennet.com.

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